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Terms of Warranty

Terms of Warranty

Important note

Each embedded product provided by Realtimes Technology is free from any defects in material and process,fully in line with the specifications officially issued by the original factory.

Realtimes Technology warranty covers the original products,If the parts configured by the dealer are out of order, please consult with the dealer to solve the problem. All products provided by Realtimes Technology are guaranteed for one year.(lifetime maintenance service are available beyond the warranty period), The warranty period starts from the date of delivery, for the products repaired within the warranty period, the repair parts shall be extended for 12 months.Unless  notified by Realtimes Technology, the date of your original invoice shall be the date of shipment.

How do I get warranty services

If the product does not work properly, Please contact Realtimes Technology or dealer for warranty service, please show invoice when product warranty(this is the proof for you getting warranty service).

Warranty solution

When you ask for warranty service, please follow Realtimes Technology warranty process,You will need to receive your first diagnosis from a technicial engineer by phone or by email,at that time,we need you to cooperate with us to fill in all the questions on the RMA form provided by us. Once we accurately determine the cause of the fault and the location of the damage ,we will provide the charge list for the out of warranty products,which needs your confirmation.Realtimes Technology keep the right to repair or replace the products. If the product is replaced or repaired, the replaced faulty product or the repaired and replaced faulty parts will be returned to Realtimes Technology.

For products under warranty,the customer shall bear the freight when the product is returned to the manufacturer,Realtimes Technology will bear the ship cost of the products after maintenance.

The following conditions are not covered by the warranty terms

1 .Improper installation, improper use, misuse and abuse of products(Overloading, for example).

2 .Improper maintenance and storage(Such as fire, explosion, etc)or natural disasters(such as lightning stroke,earthquake,typhoon,etc)

3.Personal Unauthorized changing the product(such as changing circuit characteristics, mechanical characteristics, software characteristics,Conformal coating).

4.Other failures which are clearly due to misuse(such as overvoltage,polarity reversal, the pin bent or broken,the wrong connection,drop damage,transportation damage,damage due to over operating temperature and so on).

5.The logo and part number on the product have been deleted or removed.

6.The product is out of warranty.

Special concerns

If the same fault multiple occurrence for the products,in order to find out the reason causing the problem,we will request the users to provide the specific documents or information of peripheral equipment,such as monitor,I/O boards,cables,power supply, diagram and structure of the system,etc.If such documents or information are not available,we have the right to refuse to perform the warranty, the repairments will be charged accordingly.

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