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NVIDIA Jetson Product Launch And Seminar

In the latest wave of technology, generative AI and large model technology are undoubtedly important forces leading the future. Against this backdrop, a workshop on the application of generative AI and large models in Jetson Orin edge computing was recently successfully held. The seminar brought together many industry experts, research scholars and business representatives, and the seminar was broadcast live online and offline to discuss the application and development of this cutting-edge technology in related fields.

As the organizer, Realtimes Beijing Technology Co., Ltd. officially released its core product platform for AI edge computing - Jetson Orin series Feiyun Smart Box at this seminar. As the computing power base of AI edge computing, Mr. Wang Guangming, founder of Realtimes Beijing Technology Co., Ltd., shared the application cases of Orin Feiyun Smart Box in six scenarios, helping all walks of life to achieve deeper intelligent transformation. At the same time, Realtimes also works with a number of industrial ecological forces to jointly promote the development and deployment of AI edge computing; It aims to provide suggestions and help for the intelligent upgrading of scenarios and the empowerment of science and technology through cooperation and innovation.

As the world's leading AI chip company, Mr. Li Ming, Director of Developer Development at NVIDIA Asia Pacific, shared the application of generative AI and large models in the field of Jetson Orin edge computing, and discussed in depth how generative AI and large models can realize their potential on the Jetson Orin edge computing platform. They pointed out that with the continuous development of digital technology, generative AI technology, represented by large models, has become an important force to promote the digital transformation of various industries. The Jetson Orin platform, with its excellent performance and portability, provides the possibility for a wide range of applications of this type of technology in various fields. Mr. Zhang Yibo, Director of Developer Relations of NVIDIA, gave an in-depth introduction and explanation of the application of the Jetson platform in power and industrial artificial intelligence.

Applications and benefits of the Jetson Orin platform in the field of edge computing. The platform won wide attention from the guests with its powerful AI computing power, efficient energy efficiency, and excellent portability. Zang Jiahao, product manager of Realtimes, and Qin Yu, technical manager, respectively shared in detail on the two application scenarios of the drone industry and low-speed unmanned vehicles, from the interpretation of industry policies, data sharing, comparison and efficiency. It also introduces a ready-to-use product-level solution.

Another highlight of the symposium was that the organizers and ecosystem partners also shared their latest research results and practical experience in edge computing. Among them, Realtimes latest RTSS-Z201 positioned in low-speed unmanned vehicle owner controller (domain controller) and RTSS-X306 positioned in the industry's UAV intelligent terminal attracted a large number of participants to stop and understand; The companies participating in the program include but are not limited to industry leaders such as Zhuoyi and Sensing Camera.

Some companies demonstrated how AI edge computing can be used to improve the quality of products and services, and how Jetson Orin platform can enable more efficient production and operations.

These cases cover a wide range of fields, including but not limited to drone clustering, education, finance, and more.

During the discussion session, the experts discussed the application of generative AI and large models in the field of Jetson Orin edge computing. They agreed that as the technology continues to evolve, generative AI and large models will be widely used in more fields and bring new opportunities and challenges to the development of edge computing.

In general, the successful holding of this seminar provides a useful communication platform and new ideas for the application and development of generative AI and large models in the field of edge computing. By sharing the latest research results and practical experience, the participants will jointly promote the innovation and application of this cutting-edge technology in various fields.

If you're interested in more details about the use of generative AI and large models in Jetson Orin edge computing and the workshop, stay tuned for our follow-up coverage. We will continue to monitor the latest developments in this area and bring you the latest reports and analysis.


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