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Realtimes Announces Smart Municipal Parking Management System Powered by NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX Platform

July 7, 2020 - Beijing, China - Realtimes Beijing Technology Co., Ltd. and AI PARK today announced the enhanced Smart Municipal Parking Management System leveraging the powerful capabilities of the NVIDIA® Jetson™ Xavier NX platform. With the ability to interface with a rich set of I/Os, the new Realtimes RTSS-Z506 is a passively cooled edge AI system in an anodized metal enclosure designed for 24x7 operation in temperatures ranging from -20 to 55 degrees Celsius. The system offers rich interface options including a LAN switch to connect multiple cameras, SATA controller to add hard disks, five serial ports, and two CAN bus ports.

The Jetson Xavier NX delivers greater than 10x higher performance compared to its widely adopted predecessor, Jetson TX2.  With 384 CUDA® cores, 48 Tensor Cores, and cloud-native capability the Jetson Xavier NX delivers up to 21 TOPS and is the ideal platform to accelerate AI applications. Bundled with the latest NVIDIA JetPack™ 4.4 SDK, the energy-efficient module significantly expands the choices now available for developers and customers looking for embedded edge-computing options that demand increased performance to support AI workloads but are constrained by size, weight, power budget, or cost.

“The new Jetson Xavier NX allows us to get higher compute performance in a smaller form factor and lower power at the same cost as the TX2. Moreover, we can now connect up to 20 cameras with the Jetson Xavier NX versus four earlier with the TX2,” said Jia Yi, Director of Smart Municipal Parking Management System, AI PARK. “Having successfully leveraged NVIDIA edge AI technology to ease parking congestion in Beijing over the past three years, we can now manage even more parking spots and dramatically optimize service costs.”

NVIDIA Jetson is the leading AI edge computing platform with close to half a million registered developers. With support for cloud-native technologies now available across the full Jetson lineup, manufacturers of intelligent machines and developers of AI applications can build and deploy high-quality, software-defined features on embedded and edge devices targeting robotics, smart cities, healthcare, industrial IoT and more. Cloud-native support helps customers implement frequent improvements, improve accuracy and quickly deploy new algorithms throughout an application’s lifecycle, at scale, while minimizing downtime.

About Realtimes

Realtimes Beijing Technology Co., Ltd has been specializing in R&D of excellent solutions for embedded technology applications since 2004. Realtimes has built a solid reputation for its expertise in providing professional embedded solutions, design services, delivering unsurpassed technical support and developing innovative products that improve our customers’ project design efficiency and cost effectiveness.

As an NVIDIA Preferred Partner, Realtimes offers high reliability and low-cost solutions leveraging the Jetson platform with self-designed carrier boards for deployment in the field. Our solutions dramatically reduce the risk and cost of developing hardware so our customers can focus on software design and quickly finalize their own solutions for AI edge computing applications.

Realtimes has rich experience in R&D as well as manufacturing expertise, operating from a 3000 sq.m modern facility with advanced equipment that supports long term volume production.


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